Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The Faint - Posed to Death

The Faint's debut album was a world of mediocre indie rock, so the band went back to the drawing board and went back to early 80's Moog synthesizers. The sound that came after was a mix of comical square waves and rusty distortion pedals. Head-turning, potent, and energetic. Don't adjust the volume, the music doesn't start until 0:23 and it kicks in at 0:40.

What you hear now is actually from Danse Macbre, their noir follow-up to their break-out album Blank Wave Arcade. Wildly different from eachother both albums hit uncharted territory in a seemingly "throw-back" sound. If you look more recently, The Faint have found their home in thumping of rock-charged Dance beats.

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