Thursday, November 10, 2016

Leonard Cohen

Leonard Cohen passed away today. I would like to take it as a sign and share three of my favorite songs of his. As a young adult, his art had a significant impact on me and it would be a disservice not to honor it. They are, in order:

1. Leonard Cohen - The Partisan


2. Leonard Cohen - Joan of Arc

3. Leonard Cohen - Sing Another Song, Boys

Cohen is perhaps best known for Hallelujah, and while I consider it one of his best, it doesn't make the top three. I have seen others posting on behalf on the singer/songwriter, but wanted to make sure these songs, which I found most dear, made their way into the lives of more folks. A contemporary of Bob Dylan (who was recently honor with a Nobel prize), I found Cohen writing to equally poetic, and his voice just as iconic. I regret not having shared his music before, but I remember him today.

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